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December 15, 2017

Hey everyone and happy Friday! Today I was thinking about music, what it means to me, and why I write songs. It’s always so interesting hearing about the songwriting process of different musicians. Everyone has their own way of solving the puzzle that is music. And in a way, each persons individual solution is so unique that it’s unlikely anyone else writes in just the same manner. For me, songs are brief moments. It’s something I’ve never been able to force or create without it coming to me in it’s own time and on it’s own terms. I often think that I’m quite a strange songwriter. I can go for months or even a year without writing a single thing. And then suddenly in a moment, something will appear and make itself known, almost saying “hey! I need to be written, are you in?” because it is always a mutual agreement. I can never just sit down and write a song about what I want. Similarly if I don’t like the idea that calls to be written, it just doesn’t happen. There are however, exceptions. Wonderful moments where both myself and that mysterious creative energy find some emotion or moment that we mutually agree needs to be a reality. Those are the times that I live for as a musician. When it almost feels as though you’re temporarily taken out of your life and this place, and just searching for the right words and feelings that will make other people experience the same. I’m almost always working on some kind of music, but it rarely becomes a finished song. And I’ve lost count of the number of times I thought my songwriting was “broken” or otherwise just not coming back. However it always does. And currently I am working on something new. I feel good about it so far and have hopes that I’ll be able to finish it at least within the next month if not sooner. It always surprises me how each song is similar yet so different. The process changes every time. Sometimes it will all come at once, and then other times it will be slow and take weeks. I’ve been writing music for years now but I am honestly still just beginning. It’s a craft that takes an extremely long time to perfect, but someday I hope I’ll be able to do it full justice! 



At this time, for me, songwriting is a way of capturing an emotion or moment. So that I might be able to experience it again, and share it with others. Sometimes I succeed, and more often than not I fail. But that is the challenge and the motivation! It’s a wonderful and difficult experience. But I’m always curious how and why other musicians write. So please, feel free to comment below about your process or inspiration. I’d love to hear! And thank you for tuning in to today’s post! I hope it was a helpful or enjoyable read! Thanks to everyone who is supporting this new blog format, I’m working on getting the hang of producing fun/helpful posts every week! So bear with me, I’ll get there! As always there is a link below to my mailing list if you’d like to get a preview/notification in your email when these go live. I’ll be back on Monday with another post! Until then, have a wonderful weekend, be kind, and stay safe.


All the best,


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