December 18, 2017

Welcome back to the blog! And happy Monday! Or is it?.. Wether it’s returning to work, school, or simply that sinking feeling brought on by the beginning of yet another week. Many people including myself experience a very real and difficult struggle with Motivation, typically in connection with Mondays. And thus #MondayMotivation was born. So today I thought I’d talk about motivation, how it effects me and others, and some thoughts on getting yourself up and moving. Probably a good place to start would be this blog! When I made the decision to write these posts twice a week I was definitely feeling not only anxious, but a lack of motivation brought on by nerves or a fear of failure. But that right there can be a great way of getting motivated. By announcing to an audience or group that you’re committed to something can often get you moving and feeling more inspired. Especially once you get positive feedback. Another place where I struggle with motivation is in film and music. This kind of creative pursuit can often feel pointless or uninteresting. So, how do you actually get yourself Motivated to do what needs to be done? I’m no expert at this but I’ve dealt with it many a time before, so here are a few of the things that I often do to get myself moving. 



  • 1: Apps! I know this might sound like an odd recommendation, but I find that getting reminded on a regular basis about what it is I need to be doing can really help. One I love and use often is ToDoist. It’s a list making app for task management and errands, available on iOS and Android. This lets you schedule multiple tasks for different days with classifications like, Work, Personal, Errands, even a “Movies to watch” category. With the option to create customs as well. Another app that I feel gets overlooked often is the pre-installed Reminders app on iOS. Sometimes scheduling a simple notification reminder is all you need. 


  • 2: Make a big list! Probably one of the simpler ideas, but still just as effective. Having all the things you have to work on written down on a piece of paper and placed somewhere visible can be a nagging reminder of what needs to be done. I’ve found that often if I just try to remember what I need to do, it tends to slip my mind or I make excuses. Aided by the fact that there is no visual obligation or reminder. Make a list, put it somewhere you know you’ll see it (ie. Above your desk, over your bed, on the inside of your door) this way it will be ever present. 


  • 3: Something to look forward to. Often an impressive motivator is setting a goal and a reward. Think of how great it’ll be when you finish the work and are able to relax and just do whatever it is you’d like for a bit. Whereas if you procrastinate, there’ll always be that nagging thought of “ug, I should be working”. Set a goal, and complete it knowing that when you’re done you get to chill out and have peace of mind.


  • 4: Start doing. As simple as it might seem, sometimes literally just starting on something can be what motivates you to finish. Many times when I have a hard time getting started on a project, I actually end up doing far more than I expected. All just because I actually jumped in, instead of waiting or deciding to do it at a later date. 


I hope these few ideas can help you out. Again, I’m no expert. But we all go through a lack of motivation regularly, and I’m sure everyone has their own ways of dealing with it. Feel free to leave a comment below about how you get moving when you’re feeling like this. And that’s all I’ve got for you today! I hope you all have a productive and motivated Monday! Thanks for the support and I’ll be back on Friday with another post and a video this time! It’ll be going up on my YouTube channel which you can find here. I’ll also be linking it at the end of Friday’s post, so stay tuned! Have a great week, stay safe, and be kind.




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