5 Mobile Photography Hacks

January 1, 2018

Hello everyone and happy New Year! I’m very excited to have another video alongside today’s post! You can watch it here or below. Today’s post is about a few different tips/tricks I’ve learned or come across for mobile photography. The video is a visual representation of everything I’m going to go over, but in 90 Seconds! So make sure to check that out at the end of this post! Let’s jump right in!


1: Through a Lens. This is a cool one. Grab your phone and a camera lens, could be vintage or new. By pointing your phone’s camera through the lens, you can achieve quite an interesting effect. Sometimes it will appear as a macro image. Others it will produce unique bokeh. By using the focus and zoom rings on the lens you can adjust the look even further.


2: Color Flash. This one is so simple but effective! We all know the struggle, taking a photo at night on your phone and the flash turns on automatically. This quite often leads to a photo consisting of squinting, pasty skin, and vacant expressions. But what if you could use the flash to your advantage? Grab some post-it notes or colored paper and affix them over the flash on your phone. Take a photo with flash turned on and you’ll see your image flooded with a controlled amount of color, whichever it was you used.



3: ViewFinder. This one can be tricky but when you get it just right it’s pretty impressive! You’ll need an actual camera for this, a DSLR (Canon, Nikon, etc.) or any camera that has a viewfinder you look through to take the picture. If you position your phone’s lens so that it’s pointing through the viewfinder of your camera, it will almost create a filter. Any of the overlays used in the cameras viewfinder will appear in your phone’s image. In the video I use a vintage camera which works well because they have quite unique and interesting overlays inside the viewfinder. But try it with any other! Each camera will have a different look to it. This one is best explained visually, so make sure to check out the video at the end of this post!


4: Sunglasses Filter. One of my favorites! Grab your phone and any pair of sunglasses (the more sunglasses, the more options for different looks!) very simply open your camera app, and place one of the lenses of the glasses over your camera. Often sunglasses have tinted or otherwise colored lenses, this can create so many unique looks. It’s like Instagram filters…in real life.


5: Disc Mirror. Not strictly a “Mobile Hack” but this does work better with a small device like a phone’s camera. All you’ll need for this is a Disc (CD DVD, etc.) I’d make sure it was one you don’t need anymore, or just be carful, as it will probably get pretty smudged/scratched from handling. If you take the disc and place it very close to your camera’s lens, it will create quite an interesting mirror effect. You can try a lot of different angles to achieve other looks. Above, below, and to the left or right will each create something new. Try it out! It takes a little experimenting to get it just right, but it can produce some amazing effects!


I hope these tips/tricks will be useful to you in the future! They’re mostly just quite fun to mess with, especially what with cameras on smartphones getting better and better. Like I said before, definitely check out the video as often these types of effects are better explained visually. Happy 2018! And I’ll be back Friday with another post! Have a wonderful week, stay safe, and be kind.





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