Thoughts on a New Year

January 5, 2018

Welcome back and happy Friday! This week found me quite busy shooting and editing a new short film with my friends at Vast Walk Films. During all of the running around in the cold at night filming, and editing at 12:00am, I had no time at all to consider what today’s post should be about! This is something that I knew would come up eventually when I decided to write a blog post twice a week. But that is the essence of it, it won’t always be the best or the most well composed, but that’s the challenge! Something I’ve found that helps me to start on one of these posts is a title. Often if I have the title in my head and I just sit down and write that, it can spark the inspiration for the rest.



Today I was thinking about the new year and what I want to achieve in the coming months. And suddenly, “Thoughts on a New Year” popped into my head. And well, here I am! A new year can often come with the sinking feeling of commitment. Especially if the previous year was productive and motivational. I worked on a lot of fun projects in 2017, and so can’t help but feel almost a slight sense of responsibility to make 2018 just as fruitful. One of my goals is to make a new short film, 2017 offered up “The Book Club” which was a wonderful experience from day one. But in 2018, I really feel it’s time to go somewhere completely new for me with film. The same goes for music, as I mention in my blog post Why I write Music, I write songs far more rarely than I'd like. It's something I've always wanted to do more of, and hope to in 2018. And in general, just having a more organized workflow and life is my ideal goal for the new year. What are your 2018 goals? Feel free to leave a comment below about ideas or inspirations heading into these coming months. I know today's post has been a bit unusual, but as I said at the beginning it's something I knew would crop up every now and again. And I'll be back on Monday with another post! Thanks for reading, have a great weekend. Stay safe, and be kind.







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