Quality vs. Quantity

January 15, 2018

"Quality vs. Quantity" it's a phrase you've probably heard before, but is it true? Welcome back to the blog, and happy Monday! I was thinking today about how often I've heard the whole "Quality vs. Quantity" argument. Many people believe that you can't possibly have both. And yes, in some situations, stretching yourself too far is never a good idea. But what if this is a false argument? Why not have the Quality immediately affect the Quantity?. Don't discourage yourself because the idea you have or the plan you've made involves too much doingIt's not about one vs. the other, it's about how you can make them work together in a way that everyone benefits from. Take this blog for example. You might think that twice a week is putting the Quantity before the Quality, when in fact it's the regularity of the posts that allows me to write them in the first place! I wouldn't have the discipline or drive if it weren't for the fact that I simply started. I said to myself "I'm going to write two blog posts every week, I'll figure it out as I go!" and as it turns out, it's something I really enjoy doing! My hope was that the commitment to twice a week (the quantity) would, in turn, help to create and inspire the posts themselves (the quality). 



And I think it worked! I guess what I'm trying to say is, Quality and Quantity are not mutually exclusive. And limiting yourself based off of the concept that they are, is just going to make creating anything more difficult. This whole conversation has been on my mind lately as I've been working towards writing three blog posts every week opposed to two. It's more a long term goal and will most likely not go into effect too soon. But while working on the concept I certainly considered a lot of what I've just talked about. It's difficult to find the balance between something you love to do, and a schedule that will actually work with your everyday life. But as I've said, don't let Quality vs. Quantity rule your creativity. You can love what you do, and also do it all the time! Thanks for reading! Hopefully this was helpful to some. And don't let yourself be discouraged! Check back Friday for another post. And feel free to sign-up for the newsletter below if you'd like to get an email when these posts go live. Have a great week, stay safe, and be kind. 






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