DIY Music Recording

January 19, 2018

It's often quite difficult as a musician to find affordable, quality recording. Most of the time it's just much easier to do your own tracking. I'm certainly no expert, but here are some of the more DIY, affordable methods I've come across in the past. Welcome back to the blog! Happy Friday! I've messed around with quite a few different methods of DIY recording. It doesn't always work, but each time you pick up something new for the next time. 



Probably one of the most important pieces of gear you'll need is a good mic. Now as there aren't really any strictly DIY methods for this, I can recommend a few inexpensive options.


 1: | USB Microphone, Fifine Metal Condenser | From amazon, this is a reasonable option coming in at $29.99. And as I've never used this one myself, the reviews seem solid, and it looks to be a good option overall.


2: USB Microphone,Fifine Plug &Play | This looks to be another good choice. Cheaper at $21.99. It's an "Amazon Choice" and even has more reviews than the previous one. Of course cheaper means less sound quality I have no doubt, but for the price I'm guessing this is another solid one!


3: Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone | A bit of a higher-end choice here, $49.49. The Blue company has been around for years and is certainly trustworthy. It might be slightly more pricey, but you're definitely going to get what you pay for here!




Not exactly a must have but it's a purchase you won't regret! Here are some budget options.


 1: | AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand | The Amazon Basics lineup is always pretty solid. This one also coming in at $18.49 makes it quite the deal!


2: | Pyle Compact Base Black Microphone Stand | More money, but also a bit more stable! At $28.00 this one will provide a hefty base, it's also a straight stand opposed to the boom design of the previous. 


3: | On Stage DS7200B Adjustable Desk Microphone Stand | This is a tabletop stand, it's always good to have one of these, as you often find yourself in either a small space not suitable for a full stand, or you simply enjoy the ease of use! A solid price of $12.95 also makes this a stellar choice!




Another key piece of this puzzle, Software. You're going to need something to record your awesome music with, but which is best? Well, there are plenty of options out there, but here are the basics. For a Mac user I'd recommend GarageBand. This comes pre-installed on Mac's and is a classic in the world of recording software. On the windows side it gets a little trickier, a good one however is ZyneWave Podium Free. I've never used it myself, but it seems quite professional. 




 Here's the thing, you might just not want to buy anything extra at all. Can you get started without making purchases? Sure! Here are some thoughts. As far as a microphone goes, very often laptops have them built in. Now they certainly aren't the best quality, but that doesn't mean they won't work! This also eliminates the need for a stand. When tracking, sometimes you run into a lot of "Room Noise", unwanted ambience entering your recording. In professional studios they counter this with what are called "Baffles". But yup, you guessed it. They're expensive! So how do you cut out the ambience at home without spending? Blankets. It might sound silly but it really works! If you can find a way of hanging or draping blankets around where you're recording, it could significantly improve the sound and cut down on unwanted echo. Another issue you might come across is that "pop" sound when singing or talking into the mic. A common solution being a Pop Filterhere is a link to one you can get from Amazon. But what about a different solution? Try these steps. Grab a thin, clean sock. And some cardboard. Cut a strip out of the cardboard and bend it into a circle. Secure it closed, and pull the sock over the circle. Now you've got a makeshift Pop Filter! It might look odd, but it'll probably work just as well as the $10-15 ones. 



I hope that these ideas can be helpful to you if you're interested in getting started with recording music. As I said at the beginning, I'm no expert. But it is something I've had experience with in the past. Thank you for reading! Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested! What are your methods for recording? Leave a comment with ideas or inspirations. Want to know when these posts go live? Subscribe to the newsletter in the box below! I'll be back on Monday with another post! Have a great weekend, stay safe, and be kind.





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