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March 26, 2018


Hey there! Happy Monday! Once again I find myself very, very busy. It's been another rushed weekend, but I didn't want to skip today's post. So I thought I'd just talk about a few cool new things going on lately!



First of all, I'm going to start posting on Tuesday's! I'm super excited for this! They are going to be a different type of blog however. For a long time I've wanted to post three times a week, but I always knew it would probably be too much what with other work in my schedule. I then had the idea for #TuesdayTip. Yes, the name is silly, but hey, I think it'll be cool! Bear with me! I had the idea that I could post a sort of "mini-blog". The posts will easily be half the length of my usual blogs, but focus very closely on one subject or idea. This could range from an interesting app, website, DIY project, cool new music, etc. It's not exactly literal "tips" on anything (although that will very likely be a part of it too) it's more a mini-blog post focused on one specific subject. I'm excited to get started on it, so stay tuned for tomorrow and the first #TuesdayTip!


As some of you may know, I also recently started a new film company, Zap!Film LLC. It was definitely time to take it to a more professional place, and I'm so thankful to everyone that helped make it possible. I'm very excited for the future with Zap!Film! You can check out this page of the website for basic information, and to follow the company on social media.


I was also recently given the amazing opportunity to create a video for my father's new single. It was a wonderful and fun experience, and I'm very glad to have been able to do it. You can check out the video below if you're interested!



I have also recently done some work to the Home Page of the site. It now shows a lot more information and will be updated regularly with Recent Work and links to projects I've done in the past. You can check it out here, or using the menu above. 


And that pretty much does it for today! Apologies for this short post! I'll be back to a more normal length on Friday. Thank you for reading!

If you'd like to get these posts weekly in your inbox, you can subscribe to my newsletter here or using the box below. And stay tuned for tomorrow's #TuesdayTip!


Have a great day! Stay safe, and be kind <3




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