5 Best Apps for Filmmakers

March 19, 2018


Happy Monday! And welcome back!

Recently I wrote a blog post about the 5 Best Apps for Musicians. I had a lot of fun with that and thought I'd make it a regular part of the blog!


So, here are the 5 apps I believe to be the best for Filmmakers!



1: Shot Lister. This app is fairly well known to a lot of filmmakers. It's a thirteen dollar shot listing app with some incredible features! Making a shot list is a crucial part of the filmmaking process, and this app certainly seems to make it simple. It includes options to create a shooting schedule, crew sync so that everyone on the crew has updated and identical information, multi-cam support to assign different shots to specific cameras, storyboards, circle takes and a lot more! Definitely an app worth checking out, especially if you like everything to be planned out just so. Find it on the App Store here, or the Google Play Store here.


2: Sun Seeker. This is a fun one! When shooting, you often rely heavily upon the weather and light. Sun Seeker let’s you track where the sun is going to be at what time of day. So if you were planning on doing an exterior shoot at a certain time, but need sunshine, you no longer have to just hope for it! The app also has an augmented reality feature that let’s you use your phone’s camera to see where the sun will be in the sky. It’s definitely worth your download, it could save a lot of headaches when shooting! Check it out on the App Store here, or the Google Play Store here.


3: iMovie. I’ve mentioned iMovie before, it’s a powerful piece of software! The mobile version is an entire editing suite in your pocket. This can be just fun, or crucial in a pinch! It comes packed with almost every feature included with the full Mac version. So wether you just want to edit something you shot on your phone, or get more ambitious, this app won’t let you down. Only available for iOS devices, download it from the App Store here.


4: Celtx. Writing a good screenplay is key. And having software that’s simple and understandable is too! Celtx is a powerful script writing service with all the features you’d need to get typing. You can work on your script on the website, and then take it with you to write on the go using the app! It has all the standard formulas you’re used to, with specific formatting for dialogue, shots, actions and much more. Simple and intuitive, find it on the App Store here, or the Google Play Store here.


5: Shot Designer. Laying out shots and angles properly is extremely important for a simple and understandable production experience. Shot Designer let’s you do that, and more! You can create detailed top-down diagrams of your scene. The app let’s you place images for actors, cameras, lights, props, everything you need! It makes the process on the day of shooting far easier then normal. Having a visual guide of where the camera is, what it’s looking at, the lighting, crew, actors. It greatly reduces filming stress! Check it out on the App Store here, or the Google Play Store here.


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Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back on Friday with more!


Have a great week, stay safe, and be kind <3



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