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March 23, 2018


Hey there and welcome back! What a crazy week, I hope you all had a good one!


Promoting something, anything, can be pretty tough. But nowadays with the expanse that is social media, it can be a lot simpler! So today I thought I'd go through a few ideas (some my own, some others) for Promoting you, your brand, product, service etc.

Let's go!



1: Regular Posting. When promoting, it's often very helpful to maintain a regular schedule for when you post about your product or service. Choose a day and a time that works well for you, often a couple days a week is a good balance. If you know you won't be available at the specific time the post needs to go out, try using a service like Buffer, to schedule your posts in advance. 


2: #Hashtags. As slightly annoying as they can be, using Hashtags is extremely important! I do all the time, especially for promoting this blog! Very simply what hashtags do is get your post seen by a much larger audience than your following. For example, if you have 2 Twitter followers, and you post a tweet. It's very likely it'll get, well, 2 views. However, post that same tweet but with a few key hashtags that relate to your content, and you'll be seeing far wider reach than your 2 followers. But be smart, it's very easy to get carried away with using tons and tons of irrelevant hashtags. You don't want to spam and potentially annoy your followers. Just choose the tags that relate most closely to the topic of your post.


3: Photos that Pop. Almost every social platform allows you to attach a photo to a post. So take a few moments and look into how to edit photos, add text, change colors etc. Having a vibrant and attractive photo to go with your post could be the one difference that intrigues someone, and get's that click you're waiting for. Make it relevant, just like your hashtags, and you'll get more people engaging with your content!


4: Maintain a Professional Presence. Having a social media presence that's well put together and professional can be a very important factor. Make sure most of your posts and content relate to the product or service you offer. This way people visiting your social profiles looking to buy/hire are presented with a thoughtful collection of posts that explain what you offer in a simple, understandable way. 


5: Don't over-do it. Now as this might sound counterintuitive, it is still important to remember that you shouldn't go too far with pushing and posting. It's better for someone to forget about something, and then see a new post and remember they wanted to check it out, then to have people unfollow or unsubscribe because they keep seeing your promotional content. Keep it low key, like I said above, a couple of posts a week, maybe three sometimes will more than suffice.


6: Use less-known Social Media. It might seem silly to post anywhere else other than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But sharing to places like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and more can definitely increase your traffic. Pinterest in particular is a pretty powerful platform for promotion. So check them out! It might be from one of these sites that you end up landing a big job or a lot of exposure.


7: Engage with your Audience. Following back, replying to comments, just generally showing appreciation for any positive feedback, this can be key! If you never engage with the audience you're promoting your service to, it's very unlikely they'll show as much interest as they will if you're very present with the feedback they provide. 


8: Make each post Count. It's important to make sure each post has some real meaning. If you just sit down and write a bunch of posts in advance that are bland and uninteresting, with the main focus on tags and "selling it". You aren't going to connect with people in the same way you would if your posts were thoughtful and well constructed. It's tough to do this! And we're all guilty of manufacturing posts just for traffic. But once you start to take more time to compose them, you'll find it's not only fairly easy, but also doesn't drive people away.


That's all I've got for today! Thank you so much for reading! If you liked the post, consider sharing on social media, as it helps out the blog a lot. If you want more like this, scroll to the top and click on the red BLOG button. This will take you back to the blog Homepage where you can browse all my previous posts. There is also a scrolling box of recent blogs at the bottom of this page! 

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Have a great weekend, stay safe, and be kind <3




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