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February 26, 2018


Hey there, welcome back to the blog! I hope you had a great weekend!

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about Freelancing and Entrepreneurship. As that is partially what I am aiming towards with film, editing, and this blog. I've never thought that College would be quite right for me, and always wanted to just go and try to figure things out on my own (not always the wisest move however!). And in striving to reach a place where I can do the things I love and also somehow make a living off of it, I thought I'd talk a little about that today.



I always go back to the idea of just getting out and doing what you love a lot! Use social media! It's so powerful! And simply do the thing you want to do as much as possible. Then share your work! Spreading the word and making a presence for yourself online and off is so important. Because people will notice, and if it's the right person, it could initiate a big opportunity! So don't feel awkward or stressed about sharing the things you create, there's always someone out there who is going to love it. It might be hard at first to put yourself and your work out so much, but it's worth it!


Make a brand or company name that you can put alongside all your work. Professionalism is key! A logo, business cards, etc. are all useful. By no means necessary, but still helpful! As I said before, social media presence can also be something worth looking into. An easy way to go about it is to set up a Facebook page and then link it to an Instagram as a business account. That way you get two of the main social media outlets without having to start from scratch both times. Now you have these pages, showcase some of the work you do, if you're a filmmaker or editor for instance, a demo reel is a great starting  point.


"Put the time in!" is something often heard in relation to freelancing or entrepreneurship, and as this and other similar "motivational" sayings can sometimes become aggravating, they are technically true to an extent. If you don't really want to make this happen for yourself, it's going to be tough indeed. Everything takes time, especially building a freelance career or brand. But don't let that discourage you! There will be the difficult times, but it doesn't mean it'll never come together. You should also always know when to stop, overworking is not going to help you at all! Pulling an all-nighter to make a deadline now and again is probably unavoidable, but beyond that setting a healthy work schedule can be very beneficial. 


Going out and doing what you love is rarely easy, but I believe that everyone can achieve at this if the drive is truly there. I'm no expert but I've been trying to learn and apply some of these methods with my own work. And I hope this post will help someone out there!

Thank you for tuning in today! Bit of a short one, but I hope to cover this topic more in future posts!

I'll be back on Friday with more! Until then have a great week, stay safe, and be kind <3






















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