How do you Write a Blog?

February 16, 2018

How exactly do you write a blog? I might not be the best person to answer this question, but today I'm going to give it my best shot! Welcome back to the blog, and happy Friday! I've said before that starting this blog was a challenge for a number of reasons. After weeks of trying to figure out a schedule for it, and what on earth I'd write about. I ended up just jumping in one day and committing to twice a week. And as this approach might not be the wisest of all, it did work for me! So here are some thoughts for anyone interested in starting a new blog.


1: Try it First

Maybe you're unsure of your style or method. Or if you'll be able to maintain the schedule you're thinking of. Try writing a bunch, you don't need to publish these posts, it's just a way of seeing if the schedule you're thinking of is realistic. It will also help you develop your voice or style of writing!



2: Research

Of course, researching blogs, books about blogs, videos etc. will be very helpful. I would definitely recommend checking out the blog Living Well Spending Less, and the book How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul. Both written by the same person. I picked up a ton of great ideas from the first couple of chapters alone!


3: Preparation

So, you want to start this blog, presumably with a subject in mind. It might now be helpful to plan out your posts, even if it's just writing a basic outline or idea for each one. This way you won't find yourself struggling to come up with ideas just days before posts need to go live.


4: Promotion

Now you've started, promote the heck outta that blog!! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Email. Whatever

it takes! Unless that's not something you're into, which is also totally cool! But most of the time someone starting a blog wants it seen. A great site for promotion of any kind is Stumbleupon, you submit your link (YouTube video, Blog post, Website etc.) and enter some related keywords. Your content can now be 'stumbled' by anyone on the site looking for something similar. I use it for every post on this blog. It can definitely drive some traffic, even if it's not much, it's the combination of them all that counts!


In closing, I'd like to say that you don't by any means have to use any of these methods. They're more meant to help with having a plan for your blog, but not absolutely necessary. Blogging is fun! And it's best not to overthink it. Just write about what you love, offer some insight or helpful comments! 

Thank you for reading! I hope I've been able to help anyone with an interest in blogging. Feel free to share this post, and sign-up for my newsletter here if you'd like to get these blogs delivered to your inbox!


I'll be back on Monday with more! Until then have a wonderful weekend, stay safe, and be kind.




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