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March 16, 2018


Happy Friday! Welcome back!

The past week has been crazy busy! I haven’t had as much time as usual to work on the blog, so I thought I’d just talk briefly about something that’s been on my mind lately, the balance of work and personal projects.


As I’m starting to do more freelance work, I’m finding how important it is to also have a personal endeavor to keep me going. I love working with other people and am very fortunate to have the opportunities I do. But I think I’d probably go crazy if I didn’t have at least something small going on in the background.



I feel like this applies to other art forms and careers as well. It’s important to not burn yourself out working too much in one place. It can be so freeing to have something of your own to go back to in your spare time. It's never too early to start writing something, or planning for it. For instance I don't foresee the project I'm currently working on becoming a reality for another year or two, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't still work on it. There's so much time to revise. And the earlier you start, the better it could potentially become. So don't overdo it and burn out on one project! Let yourself have a couple things going at once, there's nothing bad about that, quite the opposite!


Apologies for this very short post! I'll be back to the regularly scheduled program on Monday!

In the meantime, drop a comment below with your best ideas to keep from burning-out. 

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Have a great weekend, stay safe, and be kind <3




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