February 23, 2018


Often one of the most difficult mindsets to maintain. Positivity is something that probably most people out there struggle with.

Happy Friday! Welcome back! I've been doing a lot of almost tutorial-like posts lately, and wanted to take a different route today. Recently I've thought a lot about happiness and positivity, and how they can affect our lives so much. And also the influence that negativity can have. It's so important to stay positive, and to realize how even though our problems seem so massive, they're just not. Why? An example, go outside at night and just look up at the stars and the vastness of it all. This planet is such a tiny thing floating amongst all the other galaxies and worlds. It might seem at times like your whole life depends on one stress or one problem. But in the grand scheme of it all, it's so short and so simple. Now right here I just want to say it probably sounds like I'm trying to downplay everyone's stresses or anxiety. I'm certainly not, I'm not trying to say that your problems don't mean anything, or aren't important. I'm simply saying that they aren't always as awful as they might seem.



Something I try to do if I'm very stressed about an event or appointment coming up, I picture the end of that day, when it'll all be done. And I remember how quickly days go by, and that before I know it, the day will be over and so will my worry. Our time here is really so short that letting negativity or stress get to you all the time is just not worth it. Take a moment every day and list everything good about you and your life. Push out the anxiety or stress. It's not worth it. 


It's extremely important to stay positive. That being said, I know as well as anyone else that it's impossible to be in some kind of perpetual state of happiness. We all have the difficult days. The important thing is not letting it get to you, not letting it stay with you. Acknowledge it, and then let it go. Being happy is an endless work- in-progress. But don't give up! You are important, you are the one to fight for. 

When the negative thoughts, the anxiety, gets stuck. Don't panic or shut down. Breathe, and remember that list of important and positive things you made. Being negative is not doing a single thing for you. So why?


I know this all might sound pointless! But it's what's been on my mind lately for some reason. Positivity, Negativity, Anxiety Stress the lot of them! How we traverse the difficulties of these emotions can either lead to an upset everyday life, or one of positivity and happiness. 

Thank you for reading today! Hopefully this post has been able to help someone out there. Please feel free to share this blog with anyone you think might find it interesting! You can sign-up for my newsletter here or using the box below to receive these posts via email.

I'll be back on Monday with more! Have a great weekend, stay safe, and be kind <3




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