February 19, 2018

We all know it, we all dread it, Stress is never easy in any situation. However, that doesn't mean it can't be conquered. Happy Monday! Today, I'm going to try my best to go over a few methods or ideas for de-stressing. Everyone deals with this differently of course, but hopefully these thoughts can help you in some way! (All highlighted orange text is linked and clickable!)


1: The 5 Minute Breathe

Probably the most classic! Just take 5 minutes out of whatever it is you're doing and breathe. Maybe set a timer on your phone too! It might sound basic or silly, but some people swear by it.



2: Apps

Indeed! There are so many apps out there for iOS and Android that can be extremely helpful for dealing with stress. One of the best is Headspace. A meditation app, it has guided sessions, custom lengths, presets, you name it! Another one to try is Calm, this app has tons of relaxing sounds and visuals. Also a good one if you have trouble falling asleep. There are really so many, so lastly I'll mention Happify. Aimed towards overcoming stress and (as the name suggests) increasing happiness! 


3: Take a Break

This might seem basic, but I really feel that just taking some time away from whatever it is that's stressful in your life, is the best way to unwind. Even if it's just an hour where you tell yourself not to worry about those things and just relax. It can really help! 


4: Step away from the Screen

It's not always the case, but often stress can be directly related to working with computers, online, or with screens in general. Try taking a break from it for some time. Of course for many people their job involves computer interaction, so it might not be that simple. But even if it's just a ten minute walk, it might be exactly what you need!


Stress is one of those things that you might not be able to rid yourself of, but you can learn how to work with it and make it less difficult. Hopefully this post has been able to help! There are tons of resources out there to assist with stress and de-stressing. The apps I mention above are just one tiny element of it.

Thank you for tuning in today! Feel free to share this post with anyone you think might find it helpful! Sign-up for my newsletter here or using the box below if you'd like to have these posts delivered to your inbox twice a week! I'll be back on Friday with another post.


Until then have a great week, stay safe, and be kind <3




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