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January 26, 2018


Hello there and happy Friday! Welcome back to the blog, and the final Friday of January! Time does fly. I was thinking today about Stories and Storytelling. I'm currently working on a couple of ideas for short films, and experiencing all of the usual difficulties with inventing characters and a world from scratch. I feel as time has passed I've become more comfortable with writing and creating. It's a difficult thing, but I think that everyone has the ability to make something and express their own story. 




But how?

One of the questions I ask myself most frequently while writing! Just when you think you've got it figured out, something comes along and throws a wrench into the works. But that is the challenge of it! Telling a story can be easy, but telling a good story, that's a different thing altogether. I've mentioned before, writing has never been my strong point. I've always just thought that I was bad at it and my stories weren't going to work out. But lately I've realized that perhaps it just takes a lot more work. Going over and over it and writing frequently. Not being afraid to just jump in and do it. Yeah, the first draft will probably be awful, but at least you have a first draft! 



Where to start

Simply beginning can be one of the most challenging parts of writing, where do you even start? Here are some ideas for making it a little easier..

Just write it all down! It doesn't matter if it sounds good or not. When you first have a cool idea, the last thing you should be thinking about is making what you write sound awesome. It's unlikely anyone other than yourself is going to see these super early notes. So just go for it! When I have an idea I'm usually at my computer (mainly because listening to music helps me generate stories) and the first thing I do when an idea begins to form is open a document in Pages and just start writing. I mentioned music, which is a great way to get inspired. Personally I can't really write without having music on. Usually nothing with lyrics, more ambient. Some sites I frequent are Artlist.IO, AudioNetwork, Incompetech. Of course everyone has their own way of writing and generating ideas, but for me that's how I have to do it. I find that the music can really help to get my brain working, especially if it's the right feel for the story. With film you can even find a potential score this way! 


Putting it into words..

This is the tricky part. Now you've got all your rough drafts and random notes, it's time to put it together into something more complete. This is generally where I struggle most. Because with basic outlines and drafts you're able to just skip over fine detail. However when it comes time to piece it all together, you have to fill in those empty spaces. But don't stress, it's best to take your time and work slowly. This is a difficult stage of the process and rushing it will probably only make it harder. If it's really not coming together, maybe go back to your outlines and see if there is enough to work off of. Sometimes if it's too sparse it can be difficult to fill in those blank spots. Take some time and make sure your outline is detailed if you're having trouble writing the actual story or script, this usually helps. Often it's helpful to set aside time specifically for writing. Maybe you work better in the morning? Or evenings? This way you might find it easier to be creative if that's what you always do at that specific time.


I hope this collection of thoughts has been helpful! Writing is tough, but also extremely fun and rewarding! Keep at it, it's worth it! (A reminder I need often!). Thanks so much for reading! We've got one more post left this month. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, after this Monday I'll be taking a two week break from the blog. I'm going to be working on a new writing schedule, and trying to make these posts even better! So stay tuned for Monday as it'll be the last for two weeks! If you'd like to get these posts delivered to your inbox feel free to sign-up for the newsletter here, or below! I'll be back Monday! Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe, and be kind.





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