The Perfect Instagram Photo

April 6, 2018


Hey! Happy Friday! What a week, I hope you’ve all had a good one!


Today, like most days, I was thinking about Instagram. There are a lot of ways to go about your “gramming”, but how do get on the level of those crispy pics you so often find wandering into your feed? Well, I’m not entirely sure. But! Let’s figure it out together. Here’s a collection of ideas (some my own, some others) that will help elevate your casual snaps to a higher place!



Idea 1: Throw away the phone (don’t actually throw it). The only real way to capture better pictures, is a better camera. That little 12 megapixel sensor on your smartphone only goes so far. Have a DSLR lying around? Grab it and see if you can get it working! Maybe google instructions for it if they are nowhere to be found. Don’t have a digital camera? Well actually then just stick with the phone, honestly it’s not that bad I just needed to make it seem so for this bit. Carry on.


Idea 2: Get every app! Just head to the app store and look up “Instagram”, you could spend hours with just that one search! Maybe. But honestly! There are tons of apps out there that add filters, frames, effects and lots more to spice up your pictures! The right combination could be just what you need! Here a few I’d recommend checking out: Snapseed, VSCO, Enlight, Layout, Halide.


Idea 3: Plan it ALL. Try planning out the “look” of your feed beforehand. Yeah, ok, it sounds nerdy as heck, I know. But it could be the one thing you really need! Choose a color palette you like, try to work those specific colors into all your pictures. Maybe have a theme that all your photos follow. Get creative! It could be cool!


Idea 4: Toss a Background in there! Sometimes, the difference between a good photo and a bad one, is very simply the background. It might be all you need! If you're snapping a picture of something small enough to hold in your hand, try putting a piece of colored paper or cloth on the table or wall behind your subject. It often creates a pretty pro looking image without much effort! 


Idea 5: Just make it Black & White. Yeah ok let's be honest, Black & White fixes all the problems! Got a low-light grainy photo? Put it in Black & White. Bam, artsy! Used the flash and now your selfie looks pasty? Black & White, skin tone gone. I mean it's magic! Try it, you'll be surprised!


That's all I've got for today! Thanks so much for reading this strange post! Hopefully it was genuinely helpful, and If you want more, sign-up for my newsletter here! Feel free to share this post if you think anyone might find it interesting, and I'll be back on Monday and Tuesday with more!

Thanks for tuning in!


Have a great weekend, stay safe, and be kind <3




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