#TuesdayTip 1: "Rainy Mood"

March 27, 2018


Hey there and welcome to the first #TuesdayTip! 


Today, I wanted to share a very cool app with you all! Some of you might already know about it, but to those of you who don't, it's called Rainy Mood. Now, everyone's probably heard of or tried some kind of relaxation app, they usually have relaxing wave sounds or thunderstorms. Rainy Mood takes that a little further, the app actually let's you customize the sounds of your environment. For instance, the Cafe setting. It's the sounds of rain and thunder mixed pleasantly with a busy cafe. The app has volume sliders that let you adjust each sound individually. So you can have more of the barista making drinks, or less of the rain and more people talking in the background. It's an extremely cool feature to have! And each scene has the same level of customization.



I'd definitely recommend checking this app out, it can be perfect for sleeping, working, studying, writing etc. There is an online version at rainymood.com, or you can find the app here on the App Store, or here on the Google Play Store. The app has additional features, including the scene customization I talked about. 


And that's all for the first #TuesdayTip. Thank you for tuning in!

I'll be back on Friday with a regular post!




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